What can I do for my mom?

I love her to death and we lost my dad last year whom I loved very very much, I'd have died straight away with him just so if I could meet him even after his death so we don't get sepetsted at end but I knew I have to stay strong for my mom. She have a job and earn really well but I know she miss my daddy everyday, They were together from 22 years and was planning their 25th anniversary already lol They were best thing ever but now I see my dad in better place and I can't wait to join him with my mom and my sister but I know she's breaking and I am always scared I'd end up loosing my mother too. she's very amazing and if I did loose her, I'd probably die of broken heart. every time I am feeling like I am doing something less and not thing right, I wanna know from other perspective what can I do to make my mom even stronger and not let her break? She randomly starts crying over dad wich hurt me a lot.


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  • I just read another post where someone was blathering on about how marriage isn't good for women. I have been married for 30 years and know better. Your mom obviously knows as well.

    I am not sure what you can do for her. Stay close to her, include her in your life. Maybe make her a photo album of old photos, put some online if she has Facebook to share with friends like wedding reception pictures. But keep her more in the present than the past, so perhaps plan a trip with her or have her go with oeople she really likes. Maybe even find her a social club so she can meet new people her age for conversation.

    • Won't wedding pics hurt her more? I thought of doing that.. we both loved my dad very much so it kinda would hurt. Yea I am trying to find her some new friends and doing good so far, I've got her old friends to talk to her again.

    • Thanks.

    • I think the picures will remind her of the good times and that he is not forgotten. People will likely chime in about the reception etc. But ask her before posting them.

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