I really like him but am unsure about how to react?

At first, I was intimidated by how handsome and easygoing my professor is. After a few weeks, I started feeling more comfortable around him and I felt like he did too. But, the man has an ego, he really has! And I'm sure it doesn't go unnoticed when a student is blushing in front of you, so somehow I feel like he likes the extra bit of attention and has decided to challenge me a bit more without being inappropriate. It's in the way he jokes around me, or how he acts around me. He's just that little bit less professional. However, a few days ago he came to see me after class to ask what my opinion was about his lecture. I'm confused now, does he actually appreciate me as a student and is the less professional act because he feels comfortable around me? I think he's great, I really like him as a person, I feel like outside of school we could be great friends. I feel like he's searching rapprochement but I'm unsure about his objectives. How should I react to this? :)


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  • how are you doing today is your story about a guy in the ass with a strap ins and outs 6


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