My parents want me to go to counseling because I'm unhappy with being single?

So there was a slight misshap, I had a crush on one of my sisters friends we talk fairly often so I asked her one day if she won't to go out sometime, so the first thing she does is message my sister, who storms into my room aand we start arguing, she then storms out and I say to her that I say "I hate being single it's just so sad, there might be people out there there that don't mind being single but everything has an opposite and I'm one of them" she then goes and tells my parent and now they want me to go to counseling, It's not like they are making me go (I'm 18 legally they can't) but they constantly pressure me too, and the reason I don't want to go is because it won't fix anything (reason 1), some overpriced (reason 2) fuckwit who's trying to justify his/her qualification in social studies and phycology is just going to tell me to accept it (reason 3: I already know what they are going to say), WELL HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH IM CURED THANKS DOC.

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  • Damn I would not waste my time at counseling to stop being single how's that even gonna help just do the usual shit: go to bars, try online dating, get fit if you aren't and work on confidence. Going to a counselor because your single damn your gonna look like an autistic fuck who can't function the counselor will definitely think your a virgin loser, just don't waste your time.

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