When girl always calls you by a nickname, why does she do it?

There is a girl that I like, we always talk, text, and I finally took her out for the first time a few weeks ago. Anyway when we communicate (whether through text or face to face) she always calls me by my nickname (at least whatever nickname she gives me).

I won't give my real name, but if my name were Jim or Tim, she always says Jimmmyy or Timmmy. It honestly would annoy me if it were anyone else but her but I enjoy hearing it from her.

If you like a guy do you give him these nicknames?


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  • I only stretched someones name when I'm being playful.
    So it's possible she's just being that way.

    I usually shorten peoples name or call them "baby" if I like them.

    Every girl has her own different way :)

  • yeah of course. I call most people I'm close too babe, and most people in general love, so don't expect anything if I call you those, but if I say like dill pickle and your name is Dillon, I totally am crushing.