He asked my friend if I had a boyfriend, so why is he ignoring me?

Guy at work ignores me, but my friend told me he asked her about me the other day? He's super outgoing but he pretends I'm not even there..


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  • He's afraid of rejection and doesn't want to fuck things up with you.


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  • He Just May be the Kind of Guy that it Is Business and No Pleasure On the job and with 'My friend told me he asked her about me the other day,' he Probably would much Rather keep it Away from the Water fountain And... After Five, come Alive.
    However, if things start Working Out to your advantage, Working Together... Might not have its advantages.
    One step at a time and go Slow with Joe, should this Be... Super Ongoing.
    Good luck. xx

  • He probably gets nervous around you because he likes you. So instead of saying something to you and potentially screwing up it's better not to say anything at all.