Is this considered bad?

Alright so I really want to have sex and I'm fine with having sex with someone a couple years older than me, however I'm 15.


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  • You're horny it happens to teenagers.


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  • Its not bad, Its just a bad iea when you're 15 or 16.

  • is it bad... I don't know, but it's probably better if you wait a bit

    - are you 100% sure it's the right guy?
    - are you sure you are both ready for it?
    - do you know the risks and how to protect about them?
    - are you ready to deal with the consequences should something go wrong?

    if you can answer all them them clearly with yes then go for it... and if there is any doubt, wait. you are young and just because you are horny as fuck doesn't mean having sex is the right thing to do. You are not the only one with that problem... just masturbate instead. And don't do it just because some friends might have already done it. There is nothing wrong with waiting a bit longer :)

  • It will be bad for the guy as you're under age lol


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