What's your Spirit Animal?

For me, I think it's a winged harbor seal.

For one thing my mom always called me, "Foca Negra", or, " Black Seal", when I was little. That and I live on the west coast. Makes sense.

But the deepest reason is 'cause I can relate to them in these ways: They're goofy, awkward, curious but shy, somewhat cute (I also think they're kinda creepy with those giant eyes --- just look at those underwater, face-to-face photos). But when they're in their element---aka thr water---they do just fine. Why it has wings? Because as a person, I want to fly. I want to go above and beyond my comfort zone. Been really stepping outside my boundaries lately to grow and grow up. Also cause I'm an Aquarius: water and air. I love symbolism/themes/motifs. Ja ja

So them's my reasons for my spirit Beastie.

What's yours? Delve into your heart and find your answer.


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  • Nice!

    I feel mine is an orca (killer whale). Like me, they're very sensitive, intelligent, and have a huge capacity for emotion.


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  • Probably a bird of some kind. Or a mouse. I'm kind of mouse-y.


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