How do you cope with seeing someone you are in love with being with someone else?

I just wish there were some type of cure. It's really heartbreaking. There was this guy I dated and it ended because of misunderstandings and he found someone else. I feel like there still are so many questions and I still like him so seeing him with her breaks my heart. I've been adviced to find someone else and I suppose that will help but it sucks that he is posting that he is with her over social media while I'm just alone, seeing it all. They are doing the same things we did and the things we talked about doing. Kind of feels like being replaced. Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better? It's a constant challenge for my heart.


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  • Fall in love with something else, pushing them further and further back. Get rid of this idea that there's going to be some beautiful sense of closure that makes everything add up and make total sense. It doesn't work that way.

    Keeping busy can help, but depending on how bad the heartbreak was, it might not be enough, the thoughts might keep recurring.

    If it's bad, it helps to fall in love with something, wake up and be excited about doing something. It can be whatever excites you, like maybe take dance lessons or something like that. Paint pictures at home. Play some addictive video game. Start going to parties and making new friends, filling up that weekend calendar with a busy social life.

    Whatever it is, it helps to be excited about it, to fall in love with it.

    • I think this girly ritual of a makeover might also help, kind of reinvent yourself and style, feel kind of like a new person.

    • That is very much true. One thing that I can't over though is this kind of "how could you" feeling. I mean that he decided to give up and find someone else instead, it's heartbreaking how someone can give up that easily. The break up wasn't tough because we never broke up, we just ended up in a huge misunderstanding and didn't talk about it. Next thing I know he had a girlfriend.

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  • the best thing you can do is distract yourself, find something you've always wanted to do and challenge yourself. Get focused on other things. Focusing on him and his relationship won't make it any easier for you. The best thing you can do is just quietly move on and look the other way.


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  • Just stay as far away from it as you can, and find another guy. A better one, even!

    • I'm gonna start dating. I do try to stay away from him but we always end up at the same places. I don't want to stop visiting a certain place I enjoy because of him, I want to be able to not cope with the fact that he is there but instead of feeling miserable I want to be happy.

    • Start dating. Do it yesterday, even. In six months he'll be a dim memory.

  • I move on and/or distract myself with whatever means necessary to forget about it


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