What do you think about malls' ageist ban on teens?

To me, it's no different than banning any other group. It's discriminatory, dehumanizing and unfortunately, socially acceptable unlike a ban on black people on or gays. The article shamelessly refers to teens as "mallrats". I can't believe they can get away with such an insult. And if a teen reacts to this segregation of adults and minors with anger, they're the one who is immature. No one should have to "earn" respect or trust. Not allowing someone in a public place (which isn't adult-only like a strip club) just because of their age is incredibly disgusting.



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  • I have a very similar attitude towards this whole ageism as you do. I'm totally against it and I largely agree with you. I find it beyond disgustingly conservative and appalling that they can just ban teenagers from going to the mall on their own. We have similar problems in my country. We don't really have big malls but one controversial issue is whether restaurants or cafés should be allowed to set age limits. Here in Switzerland, it's not so much about teenagers but more about children. Unfortunately, Swiss people are not exactly child-friendly and so there some people who think it's great that some restaurants have rules such as "no children under the age of 10". There is also a kinda famous nightclub/bar that made the rule that nobody under the age of 35 is allowed inside (they even check for ID). It pisses me off that these kind of discriminations are even possible. I understand that it can be a little annoying if you're on romantic date and there's a baby crying on the table across the room but... for god's sake, this is not YOUR restaurant. Why should it be okay to just keep certain people out? A restaurant or bar or nightclub or café or mall is a place where anybody should be able to go, regardless of their age. Sure, teenagers can be annoying if they're kinda loud but how about these idiots who initiated this ban on teenagers take their stick out of their conservative asses and learn a thing or two about tolerance. There are other - more efficient ways - to deal with loud teenagers than just kicking them out of the mall. One particularly smart way would be to have a conversation with them. Maaaaybe they turn out to be more mature than you think and listen to you.
    But of course it's always so much easier to make stuff illegal and discriminate people. And in the case of teenagers, it's particularly easy because they can't do anything about it. Some conservative people here in Switzerland say that it should be a restaurant owners right to decide who he will let inside and who he won't but in my opinion, that's an idiotic argument because how is that different from saying "it's my restaurant, so I can just right 'white only' outside on the door"? Just because a mall or a restaurant or a café is a private enterprise shouldn't give the owners/managers the right to act like total dicks.

    • Exactly.

      (What's with the +35 only club? +35 is a fair age limit to run for president, not to enter a club)

    • I think there are some people in their 40s who don't like the fact that there would be young people in their 20s together with them in the same nightclub/bar. They want to have exclusivity so to speak, where you can have your peace among like-minded people. Kinda like in big family gatherings, children usually have to sit at a separate table so the adults can be on their own and talk about adult stuff. The problem I have with this mentality is that just because your 40 or 45, you can't just kick out a 25-year old. I mean, obviously you can but it's not right. It's like saying "I wanna be among white people and talk about white people topics and not have any negroes stand around me". Why would it matter if there are other people of other age groups or ethnicities in a certain location. If you don't like them, just don't talk to them. So yeah...

    • That's what I'm talking about! If they did this with any other group, they wouldn't get away with it. But for some reason discrimination based on age is socially acceptable.

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  • Of course it's discriminatory... and rightfully so. There are good reasons for it. Here is one: Suppose you are minor and alone at the mall. You have no adult family than your mother who will later pick up you at the mall just before the mall closes. However your mother gets into an accident and is hospitalized. You don't know this and the mall is about to close and public transit is unavailable too. What do you do? What should the mall authorities do?

    To avoid these situations, malls require minors be accompanied by adults. The discrimination lies in the fact that minors are not legally as capable and responsible as adults. Anyway, such discrimination at the mall protects the mall, protects you, and protects your parents.

    • 1) I am not a teen myself.

      2) This scenario is very highly unprobable. Nonsense, if you ask me. I would have my phone open like everyone in 2016 by which someone would tell me me my mom's in the hospital, and possibly money with me if I need a cab. The mall wouldn't be responsible for me, especially if I'm over 18 (some malls shamelessly ban under 21 years olds.)

      I see no protection here. Even if this unlikely scenario was to happen, it would be a one in a million situation. Nothing you describes is a reason to ban teens off the mall, but even if it was, it wouldn't make sense to ban everyone in case such an incident happened.

      3) Minors are not less responsible or capable—that's my point. This is a dehumanizing insult.

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    • LOL... OK, but don't forget: "To be scientifically literate is to empower yourself to know when someone else is full of shit." - Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    • You can entertain yourself all you want, I've dealt with this multiple times. Goodbye.

  • Ageism's a fact of life. Would they do this to senior citizens? Of course not- senior citizens can vote, and practically all of our politicians are senior citizens themselves. Still, they're cutting off their own noses to spite their faces- if they alienate the next generation of shoppers, they're just going to turn to internet shopping instead, and all of the big mall complexes will eventually die out.

    • Actually, it is done to senior citizens regardless of their voting. For instance, there are mandatory retirement ages and, in the private sector, voluntary buy-outs to encourage seniors to retire because they cost more money than new hires.

    • abc, you're not allowed to comment on this question.

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  • Im against it

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