How can I stop being sad about not affording to go to my favorite band's concert?

My favorite band is coming to my country this summer and the concert is very far away from where I live and the ticket is really expensive too, so my parents said that they can't afford to take me to the concert. I completly understand them, and I also know that when I get older and I have my own money I will see them performing live, but I'm still very sad about not going to the concert. So what can I do to feel a little bit better?


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  • I don't know but damn, girls take this bands thing seriously


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  • I hate to say that, but chances are your fave band will no longer be together by the time you're older and able to afford tickets for their concert.
    Anyways, which band is it?

    • It's The Neighbourhood.

    • Well, they're nice. Hope you can get to one of their concerts in the future.

    • Me too, but as you said, maybe they won't be together by the time I'm able to afford tickets for their concert, wich will be probably 6 years from now :(

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  • Omg it's just a band. Let me guess it's 1D.

    • It's actually The Neighbourhood. Thanks for judging before knowing me, btw!

    • Oh neighborhood... Well they're not bad. Just keep in mind the people at their concerts are quite rude and pushy : D

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  • Why don't you buy one of their albums instead?