Do you think you're hated on GAG?

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  • Think you are taking G@G too seriously. People with all different types of views exist here. Some are superficial some aren't. Some are trolls some aren't. Some are dumb some aren't. Why should you, I, or anyone else care about if somebody hate you? Observe how people act here, they will never meet you in RL, or maybe the possibilities are very small. Experiment, see it as a social experiment, and do not act weak :) I've posted a question on ''How do I look'' cause I am curious bout that... got answers from 7 to 1 in a 1/10 scale, but to every single one, I said ''thank you :)''... This is not RL, and G@G should not be taken seriously in the manner of actual socializing. Somebody hates you? Who cares? Somebody likes you? Who cares, again? Mark my words please... USE G@G, do not expect a life-changing event or opinion to just pop out of here.;) Best wishes


Most Helpful Girl

  • Possibly. I don't think it's that people truly hate me, the random stranger whom they haven't taken the time to truly know. I think they hate how brutally honest, unfiltered, and unapologetic I am. I think they hate not having their azz kissed, not being coddled, not having their feelings assuaged and catered to, or boldly, unapologetically being told that they are no longer invited and included into my online environment. I also think they hate seeing my warm, caring, nurturing side towards others yet receiving my cold, fiery, relentless b*tchy side and I would do. ;)

    Don't be a hater. Lovers always win. ;p


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