How do I Confront Acquaintances I have talked to, who recently abused me emotionally?

During my first two years of college, I didn't exactly made friends, but I had a lot friendly acquaintances I would meet randomly in the hallways, computer labs, classrooms, tutorial areas, school cafe, and organizational club meetings. When I began my third year in college, my first semester was the best semester because I had lots of people to talk to and a friendly guy/gal to say hi to me every where I go in campus. When this spring semester started, it became the worst semester I ever had because not only people I thought were my friends began to ignore, and even talk behind my back, the teachers and random people I would meet in the hallways that were once friendly to me, give me a disgusted, frown look as they ignore me and turn their heads from me. I became unattractive this semester. Guys have ignored and called me ugly. I promise I am going to confront this professor I that claimed to be a Christian and who would talk to me all the time. He gave me a hideous frown look as he turned his head away from me as he gave me a quick dirty look. If he wasn't a teacher/professor, I would really slap him. I would yell at him, by telling him, "You offended me last Thursday, I do not want to talk to you ever again and I prefer one of my aunts, who is high school teacher, as my math teacher instead of you." How do I confront people who reject me socially or give me dirty looks for being ugly. I became ugly due to the bruises , I accidently made myself on my face have while trying to get rid of the dirt. I have a naturally very beautiful face when I didn't have any bruises and severe dry skin because I used to attract all of sorts of male attention, random people smiling at me, had people wanting to be my friend, and acquaintances saying hi to me. I disfigured myself severely when I was 21 years on accident by scratching my facial skin with a rough nappin which made my facial skin super dry and bruised up.


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  • I was shunned during school and most of my life I still am. I've lived in the same town only forever and I've got 3 friends which I may end up loosing due to something horrible. If you confront these people it will only make you look and feel worse they'll have ammo to use against you. Do your best in school hold your head up high and march forward. And think about this if those people were truly your friends they'd still be there meaning that they're not good people and be glad you hadn't wasted your time emotions on them. They more than likely spread rumors about you is why the sudden change of heart toward you. Ignore them you won't be in college forever.

    • These people claim to be Christian and good people. I could tell my parents or any counselor against them.

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