How to get my life on track guys?

I live in Compton with my aunt. I pay her 250 rent and I have a part time job. I want to be a writer and artist. But I always put it off by playing video games or watching t. v or talking in the phone.

I procrastinate to the very end and thinking about practing those subjects. And I want to go to school. but its very dangerous where I live there a gang war and people getting robbed all the time. I live about 20 mins on foot from the train station.

I have no car. And I don't wanna walk home so I never leave my house.

I use to live in l. a

All I do I stay at home watch Netflix hulu YouTube and play video games and eat foot. then go to work 3 days a week.

How can I fix my life.

I wanna practice but I get discouraged that I'll never be good. I suck l.


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  • Stop procrastinating. Sign up for online classes at a community college in a field that is interesting and lucrative. Education is your ticket to success. Also hard work and determination. Good luck boo


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  • why are you in compton? Get out bro. I 'm a deputy work century station sometimes work outskirts of compton.. t lynwood is where I'm at. Shooting every fcking day dude. I'd get out.


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  • You might want to work out more to have some physical confidence and quit laying around so much wasting time. Ride a bike to the train station, fast. Most gangsters can't run fast. I never see them chasing someone on a bike.


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  • Stop watching video games and movies and start reading and watching educational content.

    Learn a trade.

  • You get discouraged, because you haven't thought things through Or you get overwhelmed because you realize how much there is to do.

    There are possibilities - one that I took was to leave the country, or in your case, leave the timezone. You need to take up sports, because what you are doing right now does not help your mental state AT ALL. In fact, your whole pessimism is mostly derived from lack of activity.

    If you don't feel independent/confident enough, stay put, but lose the netflix/hulu and what ever else it is you are wasting your time on. Instead, substitute it with something that's going to benefit you - getting educated.

    "I wanna practice but I get discouraged that I'll never be good."
    You will definitely never be good if you Don't practice.