Why are more girls not attracted to him?

So there's this guy, how isn't amazing but he's not bad to look at either.

6 feet tall, dimples, not the nicest face, but not bad either.

I don't get why he doesn't seem to have a lot of girls attracted to him. Aren't guy slike that usually somewhat popular?

He is also capable of being sweet when he wants to be.


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  • He doesn't have the nicest face you said so that could be a reason. Is he muscular? If not then it makes sense. He'll still be able to attract girls but still not as much as other tall guys who look good or are buff or both.

    • Yeah he's pretty buff

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    • Uh... I'm actually serious. I didn't even know your origin.

      Okay, if western girls don't find him attractive, what about the other Indian girls? Don't they like him?

      Is it because dark guys are generally considered to be less hotter even by Indians? That's sad if that's true

    • Yup. Brown or dark Indian guys are considered to be unattractive even by Indian girls. But if a brown or a dark Indian guy is either tall, rich, or buff, he has a decent chance to be able to compensate for his racial disadvantage with girls. Is he not rich cause Indian girls usually look for either really light skinned Indian guys or rich Indian guys first. Since there are so many rich Indians in Western countries. If not then many choose to not date at all and just wait to get an arranged marriage to the richest guy they or their parents can find.

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  • You can't be 'not the nicest face but not bad to look at' and get a bunch

    It takes more than that

    • He's not ugly, just not handsome either.

      He looks super nice sometimes and not so nice other times.

      The dimple thing looks great on him though

    • That's probably why lol

      Girls are picky and crowd around the hottest guys because they simply get attention so easily

      He just doesn't sound like that kinda guy. But you like him don't ya?

    • But he's buff and capable of being nice.

      I'm not sure. I think he's somewhat of a loser because he doesn't study and the fact that people don't gravitate towards him more make me question whether he's even worthy of a crush.

      But he's so nice to me. I think he's special in my eyes because of the way he treats me

  • You gotta be jacked as me for that

  • You already answered the question. The first thing Anybody sees about anyone else is appearance.


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