My question is to Europeans What Do you think of Turkey's accession to eu?

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  • I'm European but because I'm Swiss, I'm not a citizen of the EU (Switzerland is not a member of the EU). It actually becomes more complicated because I'm a double citizen but I won't go into that. I basically consider myself a non-EU citizen because Switzerland is the country I was born and grew up in. Personally, I don't think Turkey should be accepted into the EU. There are a number of reasons for this but perhaps the most important one is the bad human rights situation in Turkey. Now, I understand that certain EU countries also have homework to do in this department. I'm mostly thinking about Hungary and certain countries in the Balkan here. The problem with these countries is that they're so clearly European (geographically speaking) that you can't just kick them out of the EU. I know it sounds like a lame argument and it perhaps is but if you're gonna kick Hungary out of the EU, you can just dissolve the EU altogether. Turkey on the other hand is not clearly European. Its culture is sort of a mix between Europe and the middle east. People in Instanbul and Ankara are well-educated and pretty open-minded but if you go to the backlands of Anatolia, it's basically like being somewhere in Pakistan (in terms of mentality). These people have relatively little in common with Europeans, especially western Europe.
    Another reason that is somewhat related to the human rights situation is that Turkey is not willing to constructively work together with Europe. I think if there is one big difference between western Europe and the whole rest of the world is that western Europe is the only region that has learned to mind its own business and not be too imperialistic (thanks to world war 2). I would claim that politically speaking, western Europe is more humble than the rest of the world. Turkey on the other hand tries to play the macho-role of Russia's little brother. Instead of using diplomacy, the fire rockets over the border to Syria etc. It's quite a mess. Although Greece has big economic problems, the Greek mentality is very different in my opinion.
    I think before Turkey is accepted into the EU, they should become a little more mature and peaceful (politically speaking).
    But then again, I sort of question the whole point of having this European Union. Clearly, the way it is now it doesn't work. I don't care much about the EU and I don't want to become a member of the EU but maybe it would be better if central and northern Europe had its own union, without

  • I'm not a European so I can't comment on whether or not I think Turkey deserves EU status from a European's perspective but the only reason Turkey is even in the EU is because they control the entrance to the Black Sea thus giving the EU (read: US) leverage over Russia.