I got used by a girl?

I was at a club with one of my best friends and as I was there drinking I caught the eye of this girl. She gave me a look then looked away and then looked back and smiled.

I told her to come over and I instantly told her she was probably the best looking girl in the club and we started to chat. I asked her name she asked mine and then she goes "Can you buy me a drink please?". I knew that even though she was touching me and whatever, she only wanted a drink, so I drunk 3/4 of mine and gave it to her like a charity haha!

It was a vodka red bull with ice, so she probably had 1 small sip :P

Why do girls do this haha?


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  • Because they want free alcohol. Isn't it obvious?

    • If you're here to be patronising, you can fuck right off.

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