Is there something wrong with me or is this normal?

I have M. E, altho I'm a lot better now it's still there mildly so if I do too much, I get v/irritable and tired. 3-4 weeks ago I had a crappy day on a Tuesday so my parents didn't want me to go to college the next day in case it made me ill. I went on Thursday tho and was fine at 1st.. then the teacher said something and I thought he was being serious so got angry, then when he said he was joking I felt bad and ran to the toilets and cried. I cldn't stop crying that day, the smallest thing would set me off or it would be over nothing at all. My friends were concerned as I wasn't talking much and I usually never shut up. I thought maybe it was just 1 of those days as Tuesday had been stressful but a week or 2 later, it happened again.

I was angry at 1st b/c I thought my boyfriend was ignoring my messages, when I found out he wasn't, I felt a bit bad and my tummy was hurting too (I get tummy aches sometimes). I was crying again and when I told him about my emotional and physical pain, I thought he didn't care so it made the crying worst and I cldn't stop. Same thing few days later too.

I get v/anxious too, if my boyfriend goes offline for over an hour without explanation in the middle of a convo, I start thinking maybe he doesn't love me anymore and this is his way of trying to break up, or that he is chatting to another girl he likes. I know his Mum once invited a friend over 4 him who was a guy, but I always panic if I don't hear from him much in case he is with a female friend. I hate the thought that he is starting college soon as well in case he likes anyone there. I tell him if ever he likes anymore more to just leave me b/c I don't want to be 2nd best and he is always having to reassure me. Even if he explains something that concerns me I sometimes find it hard to believe as I will think "That's a lie!" even if there's proof of it being true. I was cheated on b4 tho.

Not on my period, I don't know why I overreact.


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  • Go see a therapist. It sounds like you have a lot going on.

    • Maybe I should see a doctor but I just don't want to waste their time if this is normal.

    • Now you're wasting my time. Go. See. A. Therapist.

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