Cosplay Question: Skirt or Pants?

Cosplay Question: Skirt or Pants?
I am going to be cosplaying Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. I plan on wearing something along the lines of a white button-down, black vest, black bow tie, and black gloves for the outfit. I can't decided weather or not I should wear a black skirt with a yellow pettie coat and yellow suspenders or black dress pants (because it looks more classy). What do you think?

Also am deciding between one yellow contact and one black contact, both yellow contact, or both black contacts. I plan on wearing and eyepatch, but I was going to lift it up for a few pictures


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  • I saw someone at a con today dressed as Bill Cipher and they were wearing black trousers so I guess go with that? It was recognisable enough anyway, even for me and I haven't actually watched Gravity Falls.

    I think that if you're wearing an eyepatch, it would be more effective to wear two contacts of the same colour and I would say go for yellow seeing as you haven't really got anything else yellow in the outfit and that's a pretty big necessity if you wanna cosplay him.

    • Well I was going to go with a yellow wig and do the brick design along the kane and possibly eye patch