Under 18s... Do you know the following?

Do you know what a floppy disk is and how it works?
Do you know how to record things off the radio on a tape? And have you ever held a tape or seen one in real life?
Do you know what a minidisk is?
Do you ever have cd's or do you only download music?
Did you know Victoria Beckham was in the Spice Girls? Or who Spice Girls are even...

Finally, have you ever seen one of these
Under 18s...Do you know the following?
You could change the covers, get flashing aerials and these hologram screen covers. Do you know what phone it is?

I just find these things interesting and like to see how the next generation do things and what they know of the people a bit older than them.


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  • 1. Of course I know what a floppy disk is half the computers at school have them.
    2. I don't know how to record things off the radio and I don't give a shit when I can just download it. My parents have about 100 tapes just downstairs so yeah I've seen one.
    3. No idea what a minidisk is have a feeling I won't ever need to though.
    4. All downloaded music free and easy to use when you can just put it on your phone.
    5. Lol I'm not five literally everyone has heard of them.
    6. I used to have one of those cheap and shit phones when I was 10.

    So glad we don't have to deal with this old technology anymore, I don't get why people can have nostalgia for this old shit.

    • You use floppy disks? Why? I would have thought it would have all been on a USB now? Even when I was around your age maybe slightly older we had started to phase them out and put all our work on USB.
      And the only nostalgia I have from this list is for snake on that Nokia. I was the snake Queen, everybody was in awe of my high score haha.
      And spice girls, I asked because some 15 year old asked me who Spice Girls were and her 16 year old sister was really shocked to find out Victoria Beckham was posh spice.

    • We don't really use them there's just floppy disks and occasionally you see a floppy in the I. T department. I wasn't saying you had any nostalgia since you never indicated it just saying that it baffles me that these 90's kids think the 90's was the greatest time ever and everything within it was awesome. at least where I'm from Northern England pretty much everyone has heard of the spice girls.

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  • The things we have now are much better lol but I understand that its important to know where it all came from.

    • They are. Before, to carry music around you needed to carry a bag haha, now it just goes in your pocket. And the cd Walkman was ridiculous, they would skip your cd all the time if you walked to fast lol.

  • yep
    yep yep


    • Yeah, I've never heard of the minidisk thing either. I don't think so at least

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    • They were good, but too expensive to have a real collection for most people. When I was in school, people loved them though.

    • Ah okay, yeah I did too. Didn't have one, although I had a pretty sweet cd player with a changeable color stipe thing XD

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