Finance or Accounting, which do you think is more prestigious?

Answer below.


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  • i don't think prestigious is the right word. anyways, the pencil pushers on wall street are techies or more in finance than accounting. finance, at least at face value is definitely harder.

    • Seriously?

      I think Accounting is more boring and therefore harder, but finance is something only intelligent people understand.

      Finance=less work, for smarter people

      I'm doing finance

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    • The funny comment was sincere :)

      What is this civ 3 and civ 4.

      The classes I've got an A+ in, I don't remember anything. Seriously

    • i mean if you think that was funny, then i wonder what you'd think when i'm actually being funny...

      you have to play civ 3 and 4... 5 is good too, but not like 3 and 4. they are only 2 of the greatest video games and arguably the greatest video game franchise in history. i'll let you look it up

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  • Accounting.

    You can easily do finance with accounting, but not so much the other way around. Accounting is more rigorous as well. One reason why I graduated in it!

    • Hmm

      But the pay is better with Finance. Plus, at least in Canada, it's not seen as a prestigious thing. Mostly because you could go to the worst university in Canada and still get an accounting designation/work at the Big 4

    • Both are great fields, and you can make a great salary if you play your cards right. I started out at one of the Big 4 firms, but I'm in consulting now. Accounting is so boring haha, glad I studied it for a background however.

  • Both are equally prestigious, so go with the one which interests you more.

    • I personally think Accounting is boring, so I chose Finance.

      I like my finance courses. I have better professors too some of my professors graduated from Ivy League universities in their masters/phd

    • I'm very poor at math, so either of them would spell my doom, if I took them up! :P

  • Finance will make you money; accounting not so much. Major in both.


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  • They're both pretty fuqing miserable as hell. Fuq being prestigious.