Am I asking too much for my sister to pay attention ro while visiting?

So my sister and I had a fun night out that ended in a after-party at someone we had met the previous night.

Everything was fine untill it was getting late (or early), I was tired, she was hanging out with this random dude alone and I knocked on the door to the point where she actually left the room.

She told me to leave without her, and I said no (she even told me she wasn't sexually interested in him).. she got mad at me for being selfish and only thinking about myself aka leaving at 8 am after waiting for a couple of hours

Im kinda pissed,.. I came all the was to meet her, I used a lot of money, and she is telling me to go without her to hang out with a random dude she doesn't even like...

Am I wrong or unreasonable? Am I asking too much for her to think a little about me rather than herself Just for one night. . While im visiting for the weekend? ?


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  • No I don't think your wrong


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