Good deal or not a good deal?

I'm a first time car buyer I'm a single mom and wanted to get a affordable car I went to a couple car dealers and they recommend since I'm a first time car buyer I get a cosigner. I wanted to get a 2013 or 2015 chevy cruze the asking price was between 14,000 and 20,000. I was going to pull out a 20,000 loan with the bank the bank would give it to me but I need a cosigner. I asked my dad but he said no. I set money a side and gave to my dad to buy me a car a year ago. But I was tired of waiting around. So I have a friend said they could help me out. First he suggested we try at a used car dealer who is affordable and don't check credit score. I wanted to go to a nice dealership and get the cruze I went and test drove it. I loved it and really wanted it. I asked my friend if would cosign with me I even offer to give him money if he would cosign. He said if the cosign way don't go through he would give half my money back. Well the cosign way didn't go through at the dealer. We went to this car place he knew and got me a car and he didn't cosign it. I got the car with my own money. We had a argument when I asked is it possible to get my money back since he didn't cosign it. He got mad and said if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have a car. Now I'm sorry out of luck. So I asked him to help fix up my car with the money I gave him he said he can do that. We went to the car wash to get my car wash he didn't have cash on him so I ended up paying and the money I gave him he used to wash his car also than my car needed gas he payed for the gas my car also needs a oil change but he said we will take care of it later. He said the money I gave him he is going to use 200 of it to put down for a car. He has two jobs and he makes more money than me. It's very hard to trust men because I been hurt several times by them I been used, abused, violated by them. Something just doesn't sit well with me about my friend. I regret giving him that money especially me being a single mom.


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  • I think it's a bad deal. And I think you will have a hard time getting your money back from your friend. A true friend would had given you back your money no questions ask. True he did help you get the car but that doesn't mean he should hold on to your money. He also lied. He said he would give you back your money if the co sign didn't go through. He didn't keep his end of the bargain.

    • Thanks for the advice lesson learned I want do that agaian

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    • Thank you I think it's the battery my dad will take a look at it for me.

    • Your very welcome. I am glad your dad will check it out.

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