Am I heartbroken was I in love?

Okay so I was seeing him a year but speaking for four years. It was a very weird and different relationship we had. I think about him non stop. Anyway I haven't seen him in 6 weeks now And I cannot get him out my mind. Like I feel so hurt inside I don't no if it about him. But when I hear a song that reminds me of him I feel hurt. My hearts hurts every single night. When I went to the club I felt so depressed like I didn't want to do anything didn't dance nothing just sat there. Didn't speak to anyone and this is really not like me. Then a song came on that reminded me of him and I started to cry. I just looked at everyone and wanted him. I had to leave early because the hurt was to much I don't no if I was depressed over him but I can't remove him from my mind. It makes me so sad the thought of him with someone else. This pain in my heart won't go. And my anxiety is getting so bad. Am I heart broken?


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  • Yes I think you was heartbroken and also in love. I think you haven't fully healed yet. And that will take some time.


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