What was your most regrettable night out?

Explain it with detail. Mine was last night. I broke my phone, lost my wallet and house key too. Never drinking again.


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  • I like how you wrote "explain with detail" and then gave exactly zero explanatory details of yr own night.

    TBH, dude, if that's yr most regrettable night out, you are doing pretty good at life overall.
    I mean, there's plenty of people whose "most regrettable night out" resulted in 18 years of child support, or paraplegia, or some incurable disease, or... yeah. So, you are winning the game so far.

  • I've never done anything too regrettable.
    But my friends wanted to go out to the bars here at school. And the picked this bar with a huge dance floor in the back. And they're grinding and making out with random guys. And some guy comes up behind me and tried to grind on me but he's too drunk and he ended up spilling his pitcher of beer on me while trying to offer some to me.
    I just wasn't too fun haha.


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