What's it like being a single dad?

What's it like being a single dad? How did you feel? How do you balance your life with a child?


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  • Raised by a single dad.

    • What was it like in the child's perspective?

    • Single parenting does not work just with one strong hard working parents. Good relatives, a community of upstanding citizens willing to help and great teachers are a must. We got lucky. Even those with two parents need those things but for a single parents it maybe critical.

    • Also mum isn't always the best parent. The more capable adult should have majority custody.

  • For me: not easy. Women have a support group around them that they can go to for advice, support, babysitting and so much more. I have no one. I don't even know another parent I could ask advice from. My hours were cut at work because I can't just drop everything and stay late or come in on a moments notice. The world is set up for moms. Not many men's bathrooms have changing facilities. I've had security called because I took my daughter into the family bathroom, never mind the suspicious looks and frankly rude behaviour from women. My kids teacher ignored me during the come see the school day with your kid, because I'm not a mom. People often assume I must be a child molester because I take my kid to the local playground. Coming from a family of all boys and a shitty mom, I had a lot of learning to do in raising a girl. I had to teach myself to cook, be a dad (no real roll model in my life), a mom and everything else. I have no time to try and make friends (which is very difficult for men now anyways).
    Women don't want to date single dads.
    Here we are valintines day. I can't go out to find love because who will watch my kid?
    The other day on the bus I had a women give me the stink eye because I didn't give her my seat. After working a 9 hour day at hard labor, picking up my kid- exhausted and trying to manage her and all the bags I wasen't going to be able to stand. Yet there are women all over who don't bother to give up their seat. I can pretty much guarantee not one of them put in the day I did, yet I'm an ass for not giving up my seat which I do anyways 99% of the time.
    Did I mention women won't date a single dad? A pre-existing kid was not part of the fantasy women typically have. There also seems to be an assumption I'm looking for a mom for her. Not so. You can be a frend to my daughter but I'm not looking for a mom. I take my responsibilities seriously. All you get is a great guy and an 8 year old friend.
    I could go on but it's pointless.
    In the end my daughter is the greatest thing to happen to me. Very difficult to manage everything but she is worth it. I woulden't trade it for anything- as lonely and difficult as it is.


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