Are you currently learning a foreign language?

I am currently learning Cymraeg (Welsh) and having fun with it. I previously took 3 years of Russian. What language are you learning?

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  • I'm attempting to self teach myself Japanese.


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  • I've been learning Korean for a couple of years now because my girlfriend is Korean. My goal is to become really fluent at Korean because we plan to raise our children bilingually.
    Last semester I've also attended the language classes that people who study Japanese studies (Japanology) at University have to take. It was super tough because it was 10 hours per week plus about 15-20 hours of homework and studying vocabs etc. (and that was just for fun, I also have classes that I actually have to take of the majors that I'm studying). So it was very challenging but it was also lots of fun. I don't intend to become very good at Japanese but it helps me with Korean because the grammar can work kinda similarly sometimes.
    Back in school I also had a lot of French. Here in Switzerland, we have mandatory French for about 9 years. When I graduate high school, I was pretty good at it. We read Satre and Molière in French class and French is considered one of the three "fundamental" subjects, along with German and math. However, I've been out of high school for a while now and I have forgotten quite a lot. I once had a little thing going on with a very cute girl from Lausanne (that's a city in the French part of Switzerland) but it didn't work out.
    At university I also had to learn classical Latin and pass a written and oral exam because in Switzerland, it is mandatory to have proficiency in Latin if you want to study any liberal arts subject, such as history or philosophy or German studies or English studies or French studies etc.
    And of course, English is also a foreign language for me and I also happen to study it at university (English literature and linguistics). So in the course of my bachelor in English, I also had to learn Old English and pass an exam at the end of the year. Old English was spoken around the 6th-10th century and it is practically unintelligible if you haven't studied it a bit. But as for modern English, I don't actively study it so much anymore. Of course I still have to read a lot of books and classics since I study English literature and I do sometimes try to memorize vocabs I don't know (in English there are so many vocabs that you're hardly ever done learning) but my grammar is pretty native I'd say. I passed the Cambridge exam of proficiency and since then, I've kinda stopped actively studying the language ;-).

    • Good luck with Korean, it would be great to raise your kids bilingually. Since you're Swiss I'm guessing your native language is German? Which Canton are you from? I think that it's cool that you have to take Latin, I'd like to learn it eventually. Your English is perfect, I couldn't even tell it's not your first language until you said you're from Switzerland. I think it would be cool if here in the U. S. they taught us Old English to show the roots of the language.

    • Thank you for your encouragement :-). I'm from the Canton of Zurich (Kanton Zürich) and so, my native language is... in some way... German as you correctly assumed. However, it's actually not really German ;-). Although German's one of the official languages, we actually speak Swiss, an Alemannic variation of German. In Switzerland we like to consider it a separate language (like Dutch) because most Germans don't understand us (and because that just feels better :-)) but linguistically speaking, I admit there are arguments for and against this opinion.
      And yes... knowing Latin can come in pretty handy. It helps with other romance languages. However, learning it was a pain in the ass :-). I'm not so good with ancient languages because I can't see a direct purpose of learning them. Personally, I definitely prefer learning modern languages. But learning Old English was actually quite fun. I really love all the Germanic languages for how wild and raw they sound :-).

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  • Good luck with welsh. I've lived here 7/8 years and still have no clue haha

    • Try duolingo. com they have a Welsh course that teaches both the Northern and Southern dialects. I'm finding it somewhat easy. It's definitely a lot easier than Irish

    • Haha i would but i dont have time. Luckily down here rarely anyone speaks welsh..

  • Oh yes!
    I an currently learning Arabic and I almost get frustrated with it since I don't understand the grammer.

    I am starting out with learning some phrases that I use a lot.


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  • no I've never really learned any foreign languages

    • Just curious, why? Uninterested or don't have time?

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    • Good points. I'm surprised that since you're from Canada (or at least that's what your profile says) that you haven't learned French

    • we do have to take French in school , I 'd say from like grades 2-8 maybe and 1 course in high school. so I did do some French in school , I can't really speak any French but can read some French and very good at reading and spelling French names. I went to college in Ottawa for a bit and meet some people from Gatineau Quebec which is across the river but they mostly just spoke English when in Ottawa although could speak French when back home ,

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