Why people get so obsessed about Valentine's Day in GAG?

Fuck it... it's not a special day... who gives a damn whether it exists or not... really...

Why in dat site especially? I browse another site meanwhile (about paid sex... yeah not shy to admit...) and there's almost NO reference there... but here I've seen AT LEAST 40 questions about dat fucking day... u are just nothing more than victims in ma opinion... I feel sorry for ya...


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  • lol, i dont c why anyone here should feel entitled to tell others how to feel about the day actually.

    u like it, awesome. u don't like it, good for you.

    we celebrate love, people aren't happy. we see bombs and gun fire on our screens, we aren't happy. wtf do y'all want exactly?

    • Finally it's over and u can't believe how glad I am... imagine they even changed layout coz of dat fucking day... like it's a big event of something...

      I really won't to slap BOTH sides... those who celebrate it and remember to give a gift to their partners just for da sake of Valentine's Day... and those who feel sad coz they are single in Valentine's Day... u both are just victims and eat wot u are being served...

      I don't give a shit about gun fire but I give many shits when I see many people being obsessed wid just one damn day,... and of course famous topics like feminism or "Do guys like black girls?" and shit like dat...

    • ... Okaay..

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  • well its just one of those days that generates a lot of attention , myself I find this valentines day has been one I've cared less about than ever before , single and accepted the fact I'd be single today and really have no interest in valentines day at all , although I would still like to eventually meet someone and date them and such but don't feel the need for it all to happen today


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