What do the cool kids do?

What do you think the cool kids are doing right now?

The social ones.


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  • I was both "cool" and "nerdy" when I was younger... So I've had the privilege of seeing many groups in their natural habitat. Neither is better.

    Most people hang with their friends and family, do things they enjoy, work (Employment or school), eat, poop, breathe. 😆

    • So what do the cool ones do?

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    • The frat party sounds way cooler...

      I think frat parties are the epitome of cool kids, right?

    • Nah, whoever you like hanging with is cooler. I'm being serious, not patronizing.

      I've been to frat parties, engineer parties, punk rocker parties, redneck parties, druggie parties, Halloween parties full of IT workers, boat parties, dry weddings, church picnics, funeral drinking and so on.

      What's cool is having fun with people you enjoy being around. And, to mr, good music.

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  • All the cool kids are currently at my place..

    .. and it's totally not because I kidnapped them. ^.~


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  • Getting blackout drunk. Having sex.
    Prolly getting STDs and/or pregnant.
    Crying themselves to sleep because the social construct of cool/popular doesn't fill the gapping void in their lives.


    • Can you explain the last sentence?

      Also, what's your favorite L'il Wayne song and/or verse?

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    • Not always.

      But a good majority of the time it is.

      Other of the time cool people have money.

    • Yea they did have money, that's for sure...

      And they threw parties with lots of underage drinking...

      Beer pong, Greek togas...

  • The one I find cool are

    1. Playing the niece and nephews
    2. Probably out in the snow, driving back from work
    3. Sharing jokes with the aunts
    4. Studying for finals

  • Well they sure as shit aren't on here lol :P

    • How do you know?

      There are some pretty cool guys on here...

      What about the whole alpha crew?

    • The fact that there is anyone number of people on here referring to themselves as the "alpha crew" is just further proving my point...

    • Other people think they're cool...

What Guys Said 5

  • going out to a party or some social hangout with thier friends

    • You spelled "their" wrong...

  • Just ate dinner soo that xD

    • What was cool about it?

      You know what it is is that they are always social...

      They know everyone...

      They rarely, if ever, sit alone and do introverted tasks...

      For example, I could never live in a frat house with other guys 24/7 because I enjoy my alone time and I don't want my life on stage 24/7...

  • Having a party if it's the weekend

    • Yea. What goes on at this party?

      Other than the usual games and music...

      Sex upstairs? Intriguing conversation?

      Do important social situations happen at these parties? Are social alignments made and broken?

    • To tell you the truth when I was in school I only went to 2 parts and I was only there long enough to take some people there house. so I can only guess.

    • I see...

      I think that's where the advanced social skills of the cool kids plays out...

      Not sure, though...

  • They are not giving a shit what the cool kids are doing right now.

  • revving their automatic nasty ass slow ass honda civic at my sexy subaru

    • I don't get it at all...

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    • Yea I like Lamborghini's, etc...

      Even a Jaguar or Audi sucks in my opinion...

      Ferrari's are nice, though...

    • Lamborghinis are what a twin turbo monstrous supra eats for breakfast.

      fuck off with your shitty half a billion cars. you prob drive a prius