Why haven't I gotten his letter?

So my bestfriend is in bootcamp for the army and he wants me to write him letters and go to his ceremony and graduation with his family... I get it he's busy and family always comes first. Friday afternoon he facetimed me but told me he will call me back but he didn't. Which sucks. I was gonna ask if he's been getting my letters cause I sent him 4 letters. His mom said she's sent him letters and has recieved and that it takes 2-3 days for him to get them. He's not far from home.. Well sorta. But I've sent him 4 letters and I've gotten nothing back. I don't know if this other girl has gotten anything back cause I don't like her but I know his mom has and we talk about him a lot. I live in apartments and have written my address correctly on all of them. I'm just worried that it's either A he put the wrong address or B the mail people are getting it mixed up. Those letters are so important to both me and him. Has anyone else dealt with this? Or am I the only one that goes through mini panic attacks everytime I go check the mail?


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  • How long has he been gone for? They can't write letters for a few weeks in the beginning. Letters and phone calls can be seen as a privilege and if someone messes up, it can ruin it for everyone.

    • Since the 5th of January. He facetimed me for a minute of Friday and told me he would call me back but I'm guessing he couldn't. Gotta fit me his mom and another of his friends in some how.

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