Why am I feeling upset and jealous?

So, I was about to show my mom the formal dress I wanted and I got 7 notification on insta. I was scrolling down and saw one of my friend from another school finally got a boyfriend that she's happy with. While me.. Brings back thoughts how my 1st supposed to be relationship was suppose to be happy and lasting but instead it was heart breaking. Sometimes I think "why do I need a boyfriend when I have friends" but then sometimes I get jealous when I see other couples. I sometimes think "what if I'll be like my uncle" or "what if I never get to go to proms like the ones in the drama shows like 90210"Am i bad person? is there something wrong with me? All i get is guys at my school looking at me or my ass. My friends are like " I'm sure the junior and seniors are gonna want to date u bc you're hot" I'm not sure if you get where I'm coming from. I mean, I tbh I only use make up to cover up my inflamation of my acne spot on my forehead that's it.


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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Like the 90210 reference by the way :) Really there's plenty of time to find a guy that will be into you and not just your face and ass.. Be patient.


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