Would you be friends with a guy who was considered weird?

So let's say you knew this guy who everyone thought was weird. You saw him pacing the bathroom several times and looking at people nervously. In class you see him hugging his penis. And mumbling to himself. He then stands up and you see he wet his pants.

He writes a lot as well. One time you saw he was being bullied by two guys and they pushed him against the locker. And calling him a loser and a faggot. He then bits his lip. And you notice he pulls a knife from his back pocket. Which he uses just in case someone tries to kill him or fight him.

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What Guys Said 1

  • He sounds like the kind of person that'll go off if pushed enough


What Girls Said 2

  • I probably wouldn't want to be friends with that guy. Not too close, at least.
    I wouldn't feel comfortable around anyone who feels the need to keep a weapon on them 'just in case'. He sounds sketchy af; quite unstable overall to boot.

  • I will 😊 befriend him

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