What did you do on Valentine's Day?


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  • Went out with family to a resort!

    • How nice 💗 It must have been fun

    • Yup, it was! Went along with mom and younger brother. We had a blast!

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  • I spent it with my boyfriend. We played LoL most of the day and watched series and of course some sexy time but that's about it. Nothing too fancy :)


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  • Mostly sat and watched tv all day instead of studying lol, listened to music, towards the end was a bit bummed out from seeing a photo of my almost over crush and his girlfriend, then got sick from some junk food and then on TV there were Titanic or Cinderella. I chose to watch Cinderella lol 😂

    • Awww poor girl 😢 Cinderella sounds like a nice choice 😂

    • It was 😂 I like part 2 more than the first one though
      And I wasn't in the mood for Titanic

  • National Walking Dead Day. Worked and watched the walking dead. I was quite dissapointed the place where I always get sushi wasn't having half price sushi Sunday so I got Chinese instead.

    • Hope you could take a good rest by having Chinese foods 😌

  • I went to work and hated everything.

    • Haha same here girl 😉

  • Break up with my jerk ex and raise hell.

    • Wow I'm sorry. What happened if I can know?

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    • Omg I was like in the situation like that too before!! My ex lied several times to get my attention and those lies were all terrible lies!
      You are not mean. You were just being honest which is good for both of you.
      Hope you will find a genuine boyfriend soon

    • *sigh of relief* Thank you so much for those reassuring words. They really mean a lot. Torn between guilt for being so harsh/the timing yet knowing it was the right thing.