Why do people say "an eye for an eye leaves both of you blind" and expect that to be a good thing to say?

Imagine somebody steals an eyeball from you. Are you really just going to leave them to walk around with both eyes? Trust me, if you just got your eyeball taken out, you wouldn't be very forgiving. So, of course, you take an eyeball back from them (or something equivalent to an eyeball, whatever that may be), to give them a taste of their own medicine.

So, they decide to take your other eyeball because they don't like the taste of their own medicine. That would leave you absolutely blind. And you're only blind because you wanted to show them how much it hurts to get an eyeball taken from you.

So, of course "an eye for an eye leaves both of you blind"; I'm not letting somebody take both of my eyes while they at least have vision out of one eye. Fuck that shit.

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  • It's was part of the code himorogus set out in accident Rome and that code is what most countries laws are based on and it's more of a general rule then a actually a eye for a eye like in his code if you built a building and you sold it to a guy and it clasped and killed his son the punishment for that was having your own son killed


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  • Because if you murder a murderer in the end all you will have is two dead people and two murderers.

  • "An eye for two, tooth for a jaw" is much better.

  • A bj for a bj makes the whole world speechless.