If I were to redraw a certain set of cartoon characters from a tv show and reanimate& put it on my YouTube could I get sued for that by the producer?

So say I redrew some of the Hey Arnold characters and I renamed them someting else though and then reanimated my own episode on my youtube channel could I get sued for that or have it be consdiered a copyright content? I would be using my own music though and not their's

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  • I doubt they'll even find your video.
    Through every artist there is an inspiration for their work.
    So, you're not the first person to do this, nor the last.
    You had an inspiration for your drawings and that is all.
    If any one asks you can always create a video, telling your audience what exactly triggered the way you drew your characters and why.

    • but I am redrawing characters from a shows isn't that like plagarizing?

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    • yeah thanks :)

    • No problem :)

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  • YouTube has been quite draconian for content removal. However, it's very rare you'll actually see a lawsuit about it.


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  • I doubt they'd sue, since you aren't making money off it. More likely, they'll just make you take the video down, if anything.

    • Yeah its not monetizing. Even if I drew the characters poorly and it was with construction paper?

    • I have no idea. This is just a guess. Feel free to look up copyright laws if you're worried.

    • I have but I found nothing on this. Do you like Hey Arnold?

  • Yeah I'm pretty sure that's playwriting but only if they care enough to actually sue you...

    • Yeah I just wanted to do it so bad though. I am actually really good at animating when I try and put 100% effort into it.

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    • Well why not draw real things and animate them? I mean make them look like cartons or how some artists draw people with gigantic heads?

    • Haha yeah lol I am just better at rehashing things :P

  • Lol no!!


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