What's the difference between democracy and republic?

And the difference between a democrat and a republican


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  • Democracy: Public policy is determined by a majority vote by the people that form the state.
    Republic: A democratic style of government, based on votes by representatives elected by the pople that form the state.
    Democrat: political party that favors a liberal-leaning political ideology.
    Republican: political party that favors a conservative-leaning political ideology.
    Liberal: political ideology that supports government influence in economic issues, but not so much in social issues.
    Conservative: political ideology that supports government influence in social issues, but not so much in economic issues.


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  • I'm not American so I would not be able to give you details about those parties but don't mistake them with democracy and republic because it's really not the same thing.


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  • What an interesting question for the sexual behavior category. A democracy is a pure one person one vote system whereas a republic uses representatives to act on behalf of their constituents.

    • What? It's not in sexual behavior category it's in the "other" category. Thanks for your answer.

    • I missed that. Sorry. Glad to help.

  • There's different kinds of democracies The republic is the one where the people just elect politicians and the politicans decide what laws get passed etc. Then there's the democracy where the people elect politicians but they also get to decide on issues, this is nice because politcians don't get to promise a lot during the election period but then do watever they want when they're in office. The people can keep them in check more. The most direct democracy system is used in Switzerland where I live. Of course there's also a lot of different forms that have a little of both and are somewhere in between.

  • A democracy is governed so that ever decision is made through majority vote. A republic has representatives to make the decisions. We (in the US) have a representative democracy, where the majority elects the representatives, this is because a completely democratic government works way too slowly with such a large population.
    Democrats and Republicans are just people with differing political ideologies, but they participate in the same system.


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