What was the highlight of your day so far?

Mines had to be talking to my best friend, he has really cheered me up since I was feeling a little down this evening. My day was okay, I had a week off work last week, so I wasn't particularly looking forward to going to work. However it was quite a good day and then did some food shopping (nothing exciting).


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  • Playing hockey in my driveway because there was just enough snow to make it slippery enough for a puck to slide like it was ice!! =]

    • Plus I got new 500$ skates ;P

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    • Ice hockey skates... Bauer vapor x800
      It's the first snow of the season, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow so unfortunately it isn't lasting... :(

    • Oh no well at least you got to play hockey today :)

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  • Still waiting for it. Supposed to have freezing rain, but the temperatures are supposed to rise above freezing later. Hopefully the rain will hold off until it's above freezing. I hate ice storms.

    • Wow that sounds terrible. The weather hasn't been too bad over here.

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