What type of damage do you prefer?

Which damage would you rather inflict if you had a choice to imbue your weapons?
I mean what kind of other effects would you like to happen after a target gets hit?

Ice Imbue
What type of damage do you prefer?Ice damage, slowing down targets to a shivering freeze

Fire Imbue
Causing damage over time even during your targets turn

Electrofy!! Imbue c:
Causing damage to multiple targets at once, but hits allies too! In water :c
My personal choice ^ zap y'all with mi Nitro Express 600!

Hypnosis Imbue
Makes your enemy your friend c: forever! Note that the target must be a numbskull...

Shadow Imbue
Ignores shields, walls and any known objects. Voodoo! *ignore that*

Yew decide what your damage 'n effects does.

  • Ice damage - Slowing effects.
    Vote A
  • Fire damage - Burning effect.
    Vote B
  • Eletrical damage - Multiple targets.
    Vote C
  • Hypnosis - Mindcontrol, to numbskulls!
    Vote D
  • Shadow damage - Spectre effects
    Vote E
  • Other?
    Vote F
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Mindcontrol because you can just get them to do whatever you want

    • Yeah, sadly though they must be numbskulls. Which is rare now a days.

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    • You know, if that dust gets on you then you can fly.
      It would be hard to be an archer with that stuff though.

    • True and the small size plus magick is effective when going for attacks because they can't catch you.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Depends on the game that's being played. Mostly I like knockdown/stun procs or some kind of armor/shield debuff. Ice, I suppose, in this case.


What Guys Said 1

  • What signifies a "numbskull" a person with less knowledge than I? because if so Hypnosis sounds pretty grand.. But I have always been intriqued by Wind and Water..

    Let's just say hypnosis for now, I'll have an army of mindless slaves, yay me! ^.~

    • Yeah, they'll obey your every command, except... What if I came along and zap! zap zap zap! crackle!
      Your army of numbskulls died XD they must be standing in water, snow, or rain though...

      Hypnosis is wicked fun though.

    • I Hypnotize you! mwahaha. ^.~

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