Why people are so obsessed with their phones in our days?

Fuck it... I saw a question where they felt "naked" if they forgot their phones on their homes... are they serious? So wot? Nobody's gonna steal it if it's in yer home... so why worry? U'll just see yer fucking calls/messages when u come back... how people were living before phones invented?

U just take 'em for granted as it seems...

Another one reason why I believe millenial generation's rotten to da core...



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  • dude your a total cliche millenial. "ugh my generation is so fucked up not like me though" You might miss an important call/message when your gone and sometimes you need your phone on you,

    • Cliche ma ass dude... and important by who? By US President himself? Are ya kidding me dude? And even if u have it on yer pocket it doesn't mean u are gonna hear it... unless yer some weirdo who's checkin' it every 3 minutes...

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    • Again if yer in some place around others how are u gonna respond? U must go in a private place so they won't hear ya...

    • Lucky bastard...2 Most Helpful by default even if I disagree wid ya... hahahahaha...

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  • "This is the world now. Logged on, plugged in, all the time. They can't live without it.
    Genisys is a Trojan horse. Skynet's way into everything. These people are inviting their own extinction in through the front door, and they don't even know it."

    Okay, maybe it isn't exactly that way, at least not yet. But I do believe we have grown obsessed and over relying on machines and technology to give us comfort, safety, information, etc., and it's taking up a large amount of our time sometimes more than it really should, and I know smartphones are the most common when it comes to this.

    Maybe they've yet to realize that they can always unplug from all of this technology and experience other things that could potentially be more meaningful to them and be able to explore the world around them.