How can I embrace being a millennial?

I wish I was a baby boomer... much better generation... millenial generation's crap...

How can I make it to be born like in 1956-1961 in ma next life and not 1991 like now? If u don't believe in afterlife please don't answe to ma last sentence... just ignore it...


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  • If you're born in 1991 then you're not a millennial… you're a 90's kid. 90's kids were born between about '85/6 and '94/5…


      Otherwise known as Generation Y, or the internet generation (iGen), Millenials are people born between the years of 1980 and 1995. Millenials are often "echo boomers" (their parents were part of the baby boom), and they are often extremely tech-savvy.
      Bob is born in 1990 and carries his iPod around everywhere he goes. He can fix your computer in a heartbeat and texts his friends all the time. Bob's generation are known as the millenials.

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    • No, since I consider myself a '90's kid. I actually think we had a really good upbringing. Most of our childhood was spent playing outdoors then by the time we grew out of it technology had become more popular so we had computer games, play stations, Xbox, etc and we were mature enough to monitor ourselves when we used them so we didn't spend all our time playing on them.

    • Not much 90s kid but late 90s-early 00s mostly... but never mind... who gives a damn about childhood... least important years of someone's live... yer just a puppet for yer parents and no more... here we talk about 20s... and of course 10s are just shit for someone in his/her 20s...

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  • Uh what's with this lewronggeneration douchebags these days. Have fun with no internet or phone in the fucking 60's ugh. You'd blow your brains out after a week.


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