Have you ever met any GAGer for a fight? Would you like to meet anyone for a fight?

I see so many questions about "dating another GAGer"... but wot about fighting?

Would u like to have a real fight wid another GAGer? I mean a friendly one just like we used to do in school for fun... not a serious one wid guns or knives and such stuff...

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Most Helpful Girl

  • @nohomobrah because he challenged me haha

    • I'm gonna take ya on as well... yer into weight-lifting and stuff so I'd definitely give it a shot...

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    • No probs... and OK then...1 week me and another week him...

    • haha ok. :P

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  • Not on here but many other web sites some guys pissed me off and we both talked about lets meet up for a fist fight and they backed down as soon As I said whats the cell phone number to set it up


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