Am I creepy? Now I feel sad?

I sent a guy this and it's driving me insane how could I have done that?

"May this Valentine's Day be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with those you hold dear."

Happy Valentine's Day Ranbir :)

He didn't reply, and now I appear creepy and he's going to tell all his friends and I'm going to be a laughing stock.


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  • I don't see that as creepy, just a girl being nice. Kinda rude of him for not replying :/

    • I'm not close with him. I barely see him. But the few times I've bumped into him he used to stare at me without looking away and do all kinds of weird things so I thought there's something there.

      I deleted him from my facebook and tried talking to him but he wasn't being responsive. Thinking Valentine's day he would be softer I messaged him that and now I wonder if he is laughing at me

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    • Yeah, but you still deleted him from FB, I think he gave up on you after that. Probably took it as something offensive.

    • The only reason I did that, was because I felt like he chose this other girl over me, his profile picture was with that girl he was travelling with her. She was super rude to me and he knew that, so I jsut felt I didn't matter anyway

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  • Haha, :D
    No worries, just laugh about it with friends or yourself.