Is it normal that I like a guy with the same personality traits as my dad?

I don't know if this is normal or not. But over the years, I've grown to dislike certain things about my dad, such as the fact that he's never affectionate towards my mom, and the fact that he's constantly stressing about everything and he needs to know where he's going or what's going to happen or else he'll stress about the uncertainty (even in small things). And my dad is also very serious even though he loves me and my siblings. And I would've never imagined I'd end up liking a guy with those same traits. Like I even remember telling myself that I was never going to be with someone with that type of personality. Yet I can't stop thinking about this guy. But then, there's also this old friend of mine who I started hanging out with again. And he's the complete opposite. I realize that when I'm around him, I really like the type of person he is, and I really enjoy spending time with him, yet after some time, I start thinking about the other guy instead, the one who I thought I would never like.


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  • If you either have a good relationship with him or have had him as the main male role model in your life, that could explain it.