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1. Starting 2013, the Department of Budget and management will be withholding certain fund releases to agencies if these fail to submit their Budget Accountability Reports. In particular, these will be funds from the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund for compensation adjustments under the Salary Standarization law, provisions for unfilled positions and employee clothing aloowances

2. These funds to be withheld are only limited to agencies' Miscellaneous personnel benefit fund allotments so that only the agencies are penalized and that the implementation of critical programs and projects will not be disrupted. Errant compliant agencies will also be posted online for public scrutiny.


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  • Funds will be held back if those agencies dont send in their accountability report. The funds that are going to be held back are

    1. Personal benefits
    2. Employee clothing

    -Critical projects and programs will not be effected
    -The agencies will be publicly attacked


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  • Yes these were measures taken to help ensure that the budget accountability reports were submitted on time. Many of the government agencies have a notorious for going beyond their budget deadlines. Therefore causing several government agencies to not be able to provide funds

  • File the austerity cost cutting report or the agency employees will not be getting their cost of living adjustment of the year, but the money for the projects will still be forthcoming.

    What country is this?

  • What kind of idiot interns are writing this shit.

    It means that agencies have to submit a budget or their benefits will be cut (or whatever the f*ck "miscellaneous personnel benefit fund allotments" mean.


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