Is it normal to experience extreme paranoia on your first time being stoned?

So like it was my first time stoned today and hoooooly. it was insane. everyone says its like super relaxing and stuff and i was hoping for that but i just got SUPER paranoid. like my friend said that i was freaking out because everything was moving and i was pacing around the room and i almost cried because food tasted so good and when my friend went outside to get some fresh air i thought i would join him to help reduce the effects but a truck drove by and i thought it was the cop's even though it was a green pick up truck and i tried hiding and i almost ran off i think. my friend brought me back inside. honestly i was so high i dont remeber very much. We were smoking the little bit of indica my friend had left, in a pipe. i took two good drags and the last one was a LOT. the really crazy part lasted about 45 min. it took about 10 min. for it to really kick in. is this normal? will i be more more mellow next time?


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  • It's because you took too much and began the negative spiral of over-thinking. It's normal and is based on your mood, amount and the strain of weed. Sometimes, you'll have the time of your life and others, you'll be paranoid or what people often call "sketched out". You may also notice your heart racing and think you're going to have a heart attack. These are normal albeit negative effects of smoking. It's important to smoke a smaller amount and to smoke it in an environment where you don't feel the need to be paranoid. If you find yourself "sketching out", instantly start thinking about something else. Slowly count to a certain number. Get a drink of water. Think positive thoughts.

    Source: Veteran pot-smoker

    • oh good. i was worried. i was smoking with a guy who wasn't really experienced but enough to make the experience enjoyable. there were a shit ton of snack and things to drink althoug i didn't really experience the dry mouth very much but i was reeeeeeally out of it. like i was having an almost out of body experience xD im good now. ill just know better next time to take it slow :)

    • Good luck! :)

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  • Yeah. That happened to my girlfriend her first time. And she was alone for the most part, which made it even worse.

    • thanks this is good to know! because the friend i was with made it seem like it would be like that every time

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    • Alright thank you! And I will take it much slower next time :)

    • Cool. Enjoy. :)

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