Is there a name for this type of haircut?

Both sides of the head are parted, the sideburns and side hair is medium/long length and in the middle, you spike it up like a tringle. Very similar to this but longer/more textured, like kpop stars would have it. Anyone maybe know a celeb who has had a haircut like that?

Is there a name for this type of haircut?


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  • What you are describing sir, is a mullet... with gel.

    Pat Sharp, King of the Mullets!

    • He's not the same without it he should of never cut it.
      Who cares about moving with the times that was his thing.

      As Billy Ray Cyrus always said about his mullet it's business in the front party in the back

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    • @adamski24 I am jealous! He always seems to be such a nice guy, genuine...

    • He was really nice to us.

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