Writing is my passion but it makes me more depressed than anything?

I write all kinds of novels every single day, it's kind of like an escape from reality. Problem is that the more I write the more I hate myself and my life in the real world. And it's honestly become so bad that I don't even want to live because of it.
I don't know what to do because I'm consumed by my writing, and I get nothing done because of it.


Also, don't even go to uni because I can't be bothered with it, I don't work either, I just stay at home all day.


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  • If you have something that you're this passionate about you should try and turn it into your job so you can spend hours on it every day and you're not wasting time. Have you sent anything you have written in to a publisher or have you had anyone look at your stuff who knows a lot about writing? You should see if you have any potential to do this professionally. Of course even if it's your job it shouldn't consume your entire life, you should not use it as a escape from reality. You should try and be happy about the fact that you can create great worlds with your imagination but you don't hve to campare this world to the imaginary ones. Reality is never going to be as amzing as something you dream about because reality has to follow rules, in your imagination everything you don't like or is time consuming annoying etc. can just disappear.
    No hard work is needed you just achieve things. Anyway if you keep wishing for the perfect world you will never be happy, but if you accept this world for what it is and are grateful for the oportunity to even dream about the perfect world then you can be happy. It's a matter of perspective. I'm happy most of the time even if my life is not going well it's just because of the way I look at things. I'm grateful for small things and take in the beauty around me. I also have a pretty good imagination but I'm not pissed at the world for not living up to my dreams. Maybe you should talk to a psychologist, I wasted 5 years at university and I found out (10 days ago) my lack of self discipline (I'm lazy as fuck too) and my disorganisation etc, were a part of me having adhd. Don't be too hard on yourself. For me the internet is pretty much what writing is for you. I spent ages watching tv good shows, movies, anime, youtube videos, and I read books too. Right now I'm watching some korean dramas and western tv shows aswell. I'm really into eSports and play League of Legends myself. I spend so much time online but even if I know I'm wasting time I don't hate myself. I will also try and turn my interests into a job but it's a bit harder youtube channels don't actually pay that much :(. And I haven't even started yet cause my computer is shit atm. I just take one step at a time and do real life stuff that needs to get done, not all of it maybe but some and then the next day I do some more, just try. Anyway I'm rambling I hope at least 1 part of my answer was in some way helpful to you and please don't hurt yourself.


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  • Writers sometimes live in a perpetual state of anger, darkness, pain, sadness/depression, psychosis (in extreme cases) for our craft. can't be afraid to express your "demons"/"wounds"/"heart". Whilst also being able to relate and connect with people. It can be a struggle for some.

    • Yes, I noticed that in a lot of authors, in fact the best ones tend to be a bit mad. 😅

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  • Even i love writing, rather i see it as passion, but i dont experience the feeling which u do, see as a writer ur job is to deliver thoughts and emotions or whatever, but not get effected by it, i know to give a powerful impact one must dive deeply into the theme of subject, empathize it fully but at the same time u have to stay a bit nonchalant just to keep in control whatever u want to produce...

    whatever i have perceived is that u have lost ur focus. also explain more so i can get a bit better understanding of ur situation

    • I did have a pretty hectic life throughout high school and I have experienced a lot of things through travelling in many places in the world. But in the last year I've just been getting depressed. At first writing made me forget and get away from my depression until recently during my gap year, everything just seemed to go downhill and writing just stopped becoming my way of forgetting, rather it's a way of remembering how much life sucks.

    • it seems ur source of depression is not writing, it is something else. and u wanted to placate it with writing but unfortunately writing became stimulus memory of ur bad time, and now every time when u remember that writing it stimulates the memory of your bad times. it is quite natural and can be controlled.

    • first of all u need to understand the fact that writer is not the taker!
      he is the giver and he just gives to society without expecting any return...
      do not mix ur problems with writing, as by doing so u will end up quitting writing which is blessing and very few are blessed with it.
      first trace out the cause of ur problems and try to eliminate it or seek help to eliminate it.
      and then write well for ur own pleasure :)
      i wish u good luck for overcoming ur problems and for better writing :)
      let me know if i can do something for u, i would love to help :)

  • Explain because writing is also my passion also illustration. But why does it make u sad?

    • Because it's nothing like real life. Everything in real life just sucks, and the more I write the more I realise how much my life sucks and how pointless it is.

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    • I did show a friend of mine one of my novels and she absolutely loved it. Did give me a lot of confidence and it made me happy. I'm just still shy about revealing it to the world because it's so personal to me. Kind of feels like stripping naked but with my emotions and experiences in a way... But I might try out publishing something online and see how I go about that.

    • Starting with friends is good but u need to grow outside of that maybe start with a. Circle of 4 people to get a good opinion of it. Ask them to be honest. And talk them what's there FaV and what wasn't there fav parts

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  • Don't write anymore, or become a writer and make a living out of that.
    These are the only possibilities.

  • Real life sucks man. Something I just realized the past two weeks since I've been sick, is that I honestly hate school so much at this point because it's so excessive.

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