Should testimony from a minor after coming of age drop charges of sexual misconduct with a minor?

In cases where the person is 18-20 and the minor is 15-17 years old. The adult is sentenced and labeled as ses offender. Should the minor after becoming an adult be able go to court and in private sign a document stating they gave their consent and don't want the person labeled as a sex offender?

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  • What the other girl said. It doesn't change the fact that the adult had sex with a minor. The whole point of that law is that minors CAN'T consent. They're young and easily impressionable and, in my opinion at least, too young to fathom all of the risks and possible consequences of having sex.

    I mean, if they're pretty close in age (like a 17 year old and an 18 year old) then I don't think it should count, if it doesn't already. But if a 20 year old is having sex with a 15 year old.. then yeah that's a problem.

    • Should we be allowed to give retroactive consent?

      Yes 15 and 20 is wrong. 15 and 18 not so weird

  • No, because everyone gets older. It still doesn't change the fact the offender had sex with a minor.

    • The point of the law is to protect the minor. Let's say they were both 17 and had sex. Nothing illegal is done. One of them turns 18 and they continue having sex. A parent reports the 18 year old. The 18 is now a sex offender. 3 months later the minor is 18. You still dont think that in this case it should work?

    • I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that, with them being so close in age. I don't know the law well enough, but I thought I heard that.

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