Can anyone tell me how you can fully stop tracking by the government and criminals on the internet?

So i have done a little research on it but im still not entirely sure if im doing enough to secure my privacy online. I only use DuckDuckGo as a search engine sonce it doesn't track you like other search engines such as google. I also use a VPN so my IP address can't be tracked. But is that all that I can do or is there more?


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  • Do you have that much illegal activity?

    • No I just like to remain private and protect myself from criminals.

    • Then don't post anything private on the internet and use a good antivirus.

  • Most websites use cookies which are stored in your temp files. Thus you can easily be tracked despite your VPN.

    The only way is to be in private browsing mode or incognito mode all the time. If you are not taking this measure then everything else is pretty much useless.

  • I haven't worked in networking for a while now but I'm pretty sure a VPN is only as good as the provider. If they're foreign, it's a lot more solid.

    The tor browser is really solid. That 'silk road' website operated untouched for years, and the guy only got caught because he got sloppy and gave up his info to the wrong person. Just make sure you don't mess with any of the settings that would allow java or canvas data, that kind of thing and you're pretty much golden. It can be slow though.

    • can you explain simply how they might be able to still track me?

    • With a VPN? Your IP on the net will point to the VPN provider, and if they're easily swayed by someone wanting your info, it's over. If they're in the same country as you, it's pretty easy for someone to subpoena the provider and then it's over. If the VPN provider is foreign and in a country that doesn't cooperate with your country's agencies, it's a lot better.

      tor is "the onion router" and it bounces you around the world before sending you to wherever it is you're going. And all traffic is encrypted. Extremely difficult, if not impossible, to track. The only way you get identified on that is by saying the wrong thing either in person or on tor, or running malware that will give up your real IP. By default it's set up to not allow any of that to happen, and you'll get plenty of pop-up warnings if you're about to do something that'll compromise you. It's constantly under development and updated often.

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