My last question before I leave gag- what do you think about this song?

It's got me like 😀


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  • Holy moly, would you look at that? He deactivated.

    Not a bad song either.


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  • Good hooks, sparse instrumental support which I suppose adds to the 'robotic" feel, decent voice. I'd give it a 6.5.

    Have a good life. Don't let the screen door hit ya! ; - )


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  • @Asker I know you're gone but I appreciate you pointing me towards this really cool song man. Take care stranger.

  • Who is this person?

    • A teen that spent a lot of time on here, asked questions selected MH anywhere from a minute to an hour, didn't give a damn what others thought about him and was admired by the females...

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    • I've witnessed it he can say harsh things but it's not exactly as if those people were peachy and kind either.

      I'm just saying he hasn't been rude to me so I'm not going to talk about him but I do see where you're coming from.

    • Fair enough, you didn't know. At this point I'm just leaving him a message for when he inevitably comes back on some other account (considering the amount of time he spent on here, he is definitely coming back).

      I would stand up for myself if somebody was berating me to, but I wouldn't wish death upon them, let alone suicide. Only a person truly void of empathy (or has some other severe mental health problem) would do that. Especially over little trolls on the internet lol.

      Well there you go, you don't have any verifiable evidence that he is real. Anyone can steal some other person's selfies from social media. It happens quite frequently.

      I've witnessed him wish suicide on somebody who made a ONE WORD comment on some dude's opinion. Literally all the comment owner said was "rekt", and Jared wished suicide upon them. What a vile human being he is.

      He probably hasn't been rude to you because he's grooming you for nudes, or, as I said before, he craves female approval.

  • bahbye friend

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