Could this have been my guardian angel?

I woke up from my dream paralysis and then I felt someone hold then played/examined my left hand which was weird because no one was in the room. Then he/she said my name 3 times and told me to look at her/him. I replied that I couldn't see them and that he/she was scaring me. He/she replied sorry I have to tell you something then all I heard were mumbles I told them that I couldn't hear the message he/she was saying. I tried to tell myself to stop panicking and listen but then I was no longer paralysis I looked around and saw nothing. was this my guardian angel? who could it be?


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  • Thinking logically, it could've been the nerves in your hands spasming/waking up
    and as for the voice.. once a person wakes up, their brain is still partly asleep for a little while after. This phenomenon is also what causes people to see things right after they wake up.

    You "could" have some affinity towards the spirits, I couldn't say, I'd need your hand
    or access to your dreams for that. Logically though, the above explanation is the reason.

  • No, angels on't exist: it was probably your dream going on or a new dream , half awake.


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